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Gary Chandler

Gary Chandler, Vice President of Research at QiO, focuses on driving the forefront of innovation in the realm of Research and Development. With a distinguished career spanning 25 years at Rolls-Royce, where he developed real-time safety-critical control systems for aero-engines, Gary now dedicates his expertise to researching emerging technologies, managing intellectual property through patents, and analyzing market trends. His deep knowledge and innovative approach, honed through initiatives like 'Lean Product Development' and the 'Internet of Things', continue to influence QiO's strategic direction in technology development. Gary joined QiO from Rolls-Royce, having spent 25 years developing real-time safety-critical control systems for aero-engines. As a keen strategist and innovator, Gary was a key leader in the adoption of ‘Lean Product Development’ and the ‘Internet of Things’ within Rolls-Royce, deeply engaging with the associated culture change.