Big ideas and collaboration at HPE’s IoT Innovation Lab

Posted by Ben LaGrone, on 05 September, 2018

A few weeks ago, QiO was invited to participate in a daylong event on industrial IoT at HPE’s IoT Innovation Lab in Houston, Texas. The keynote was kicked off by HPE’s Dr. Tom Bradicich, VP & GM, IoT and Converged Edge Systems. Dr. Bradicich noted that IoT is collecting data and sensors from the OT (Operational Technology), but what is missing from most solutions is Action & Control.

Thus, QiO’s participation in the event as the QiO Foresight Platform® can not only enable action and control but allow action & control to be dynamic components that can be changed in an Agile workflow. This is delivered by the tools in our platform that enable the user to change the control and the action directly without the need of a developer to recode the front-end and backend promises.

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The other point he made was that the EDGE is the ‘other-prem’, meaning that in real cases of deployment, most local manufacturing managers want their data-collection hardware to be right there on site at the factory, or asset. In some cases that is to address security concerns and in others IT support (rebooting a server for example). Our platform fits perfectly into this, as it is push deployable to these EDGE devices that are directly connected to the Operational Technology side.

After the keynote I was met by HPE’s Mathai Philip, who generously guided me through the tour of Edge Experience Zones, IoT, Edge, Edge Security, Edge-to-Cloud Solutions, and Lab Tours. We saw many great examples of uses of their EDGE hardware. Mathai had a wealth of knowledge about the HPE EDGE products and how QiO can collaborate with them in many IIoT scenarios. We discussed how QiO is a great fit into many of the participants’ wheelhouses with HPE providing the hardware layer and what QiO offers as far as an extensible platform for data-analytics. We discussed how many applications on the market are built around existing data-structure, without a way to get a scientist involved in an AGILE workflow to change the way the data is handled, controlled, and made actionable. An exciting opportunity for QiO and HPE to continue collaborating on.

The event ended with a number of panel discussions. I chose the panel that included HPE, Seagate & Tesla discussing how IoT was implemented in their manufacturing operations. It was an extraordinary event; I was encouraged to see QiO’s position and offering in the industry which is something unrivaled and that there are many opportunities to innovate and improve outcomes in the industrial and manufacturing sectors.

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Written by Ben LaGrone