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Augmented Imagination @ Davos

Posted by Rick Haythornthwaite, Co-Founder / Chairman, QiO on 20 February, 2019

This blog is based on Rick Haythornthwaite's speech at the Davos TED talk.

One advantage of being a rather older entrepreneur than most is that I get to be a grandfather and watch my five-year-old grand-daughter, Aurelia, sitting quietly with her long unruly blond hair, unself-conscious, unaware of being observed, deep in conversation with her imagined world of mythical creatures and adventurous rescues. I am reminded that the imagination of a young child is boundless.

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QiO: Question. Insights. Outcomes

The ever-changing landscape of technology in the industrial space may leave you with Questions, in need of some new Insights into your operations, and looking for ways to drive improvement in your business Outcomes.  Check this space often for the latest on how QiO is developing a suite of solutions to help you thrive in the new digital manufacturing age.  Also see original content and reactions to industry news and events from our thought leaders in the areas of big data, advanced analytics, digital transformation and the Industrial IoT.

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Recent Posts