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Rise of the Robots! Sales of manufacturing robots have more than doubled over the past five years

Posted by Bob Francis on 23 August, 2018

The Times just released a new report titled Future of Manufacturing 2018. The report examines the digital transformation taking place in global manufacturing. From 3D printing to augmented reality, technology is transforming the sector. The report also explores other elements of the fourth industrial revolution such as the rise of robotics and machine learning.

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Buzzword Bingo: 5 Reasons Why QiO Can Help You Avoid the Hype

Posted by Bob Francis on 01 August, 2018

The Internet of Things! The Internet of Everything!

The Connected Enterprise! Big Data! Analytics!

The Cloud, the Edge, the Fog!

Digtal Transformation!...

BINGO! I’ve got buzzword bingo- what have I won? 

Well if you are like many engineers and manufacturers you’ve won an onslaught of hype, buzzwords, and a glimmer of hope that you can start evolving your operations with new technology to improve your business outcomes.

As you start to consider that digital transformation, here are 5 reasons why you should consider QiO as part of that plan- because buzzwords alone aren’t going to solve your problems.

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QiO: Question. Insights. Outcomes

The ever-changing landscape of technology in the industrial space may leave you with Questions, in need of some new Insights into your operations, and looking for ways to drive improvement in your business Outcomes.  Check this space often for the latest on how QiO is developing a suite of solutions to help you thrive in the new digital manufacturing age.  Also see original content and reactions to industry news and events from our thought leaders in the areas of big data, advanced analytics, digital transformation and the Industrial IoT.

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